Markeditorials is an online SEO blog handled by Mark Acantilado. It aims to provide the latest search engine optimization and marketing news and updates.

Mark Acantilado has been in the field of SEO for almost 2 years. He currently works as an SEO specialist at 360training.com Inc. – an online leading provider of e-Learning courses and career training programs in the US.

Mark started as a Link Builder / SEO for 8 months and handled online casino websites. He had contributed to several research projects that helped improve the keyword rank targets and campaigns of the said online casino sites. After 8 months of training, learning and execution of link building and SEO, he transferred to 360training.com Inc. to pursue his career as an SEO Specialist.

Along with his current full-time work, Mark is also currently a member of the BusinessAdviceForum.com and currently being given the responsibility of being a moderator of the said forum – keeping the forum spam-free and loaded only with factual information and business ideas for development.

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